Clean your basement


Many basements collect years’ worth of clutter — so what happens when a flood adds to the mess? Not only could you lose your belongings, you could have a serious health and safety risk on your hands, as many households unknowingly have toxic objects stored in their cellars. Cleaning out and flood-proofing your basement is a surefire way to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your belongings from hazardous mold or toxins. 

I was worried what would happen after a storm, so I cleaned out my basement and took my paint thinner to the City of Boston’s Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Days.

How can I prepare my basement?

  • Move your personal belongings and valuables to a safe, above-ground space.
  • Take stock of and remove any potentially toxic materials. See the full list of hazardous materials at the Department of Public Work's page.
  • Remove mold-friendly surfaces (like paper, cardboard, fabric) or furniture, and consider installing mold-resistant walls and relocating vulnerable infrastructure (like electrical wiring).
  • Learn more about how ClimateCARE can help you. Email, or call 617-418-8244. (Se habla español.)